Friday, January 29, 2010

The First Post...

Hello to you, the infinite internet space to whom I am speaking!

Well, where to begin? I am a new wife, married December 19th, 2009, to an amazing man named Andrew. We are having a blast thus far, with a few newly-wed hiccups that are to be expected. As of today, we are going to start implementing live/raw foods into our diet! I love the live/raw theme...both words are so beautiful. Live, to be so close to the Earth, natural, growing, like sticking your hands in dirt. The other word, Raw, is just so pure, edgy, scraped clean. We are hoping to stewerd our relationship in this way, living LIVE, living RAW and as close to the natural state God intended as possible. These are my words, not Andrew's. He might have a different take ("I just LOVE veggies!").

The hope is that we will be all-raw by next year and growing a thriving, but probably small, garden. Here, I will document my adventures, Julie/Julia style. I am going to begin with a book entitled "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine" by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.. It seems great, with a ton of yummy looking recipes! I can't wait to look into this system more, and I will soon begin researching how to garden organically!

So, the plan is to start by attempting 3-5 recipes a week. Not quite the "Julie" in Julie/Julia, but I am simply not that brave! As I get better at planning grociery lists and other things, I will add recipes and lists and cool info as I go!

Please follow me! I am also going to try to find a forum to link to the blog, so people (primarily wives and moms) can discuss recipes, links, book reviews, and helpful information! Make sure to comment a lot, too.

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