Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Yes, you guessed it!

The reason I have been MIA has been because I AM HAVING A BABY!!!! A sweet, little, tiny, adorable, kickboxing baby GIRL!

Isn't she precious!?

So, are you questioning why being pregnant has kept me from blogging? Well, let me tell you something. One of the first "symptoms" of pregnancy occurred on my way to work one day. As I was sipping my delectable, incredible, amazing pineapple/banana green smoothie, I began to feel a little nauseated. To put it lightly, it took a lot for me to keep that smoothie down that morning. As the week progressed, my nausea transformed into an all-out aversion to all raw vegetables. I couldn't even look at them without vomiting. Or almost vomiting. My first morning sickness that ended in the bathroom occurred because my husband took a bite of a slice of green pepper as he was preparing his beautiful lunch salad. 

Weird, huh? I could eat fruit (and I did), but I also have craved hot fudge sundaes, pizza, and some other non-raw foods. I was so sick of raw veggies and foods that during the first trimester, I even stopped reading raw food blogs that I love. Well, folks, I am not COMPLETELY over these aversions now that I am well into my second trimester. HOWEVER, I am trying to eat more salads/fruits/nuts/etc. so that my baby gets plenty of good food and plenty of good nutrition.

So I have no food to update you about right now (as my husband is on a brownie run), but I am going to update you more and more as I begin to add raw foods back in to my diet.

See you soon!


Candice Davis said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome! I can relate to those early symptoms, since they hit me hard with my 2nd daughter.She's 12 today! I ate some serious desperation food in that pregnancy, and she's a beautiful, bright, healthy girl. Good luck with everything and blessings on your family.

Emily White said...


Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss candice! wow now your secrets not a secret any more. im been holding on to it for sooo long but i didnt tell anyone. :) now im sooooo happy for you and andrew. i just know youre gonna be the best mom and dad ever. did you think of a name for her yet?
...big hugs from lenny

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