Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I want your love...love love love (raw raw ah ah ah roma roma ma)

Today is the day for leftovers and salads for lunch! And even better-a food rating system!

I chopped up a bunch of our leftover peppers, carrots, onion, cucumber and put it in a container filled with chopped romaine and watercress and dashed with celery seed, sesame seed, oregano, and parsley. For dressing I just squoze/squeezed/squizzed a little lemon on top. This will be a yummy lunch! I think I will take a handful of almonds with me, also, for a snack! 

So, for the food rating system:

We would like to introduce a really awesome rating system for the new recipes I try. How many of you like Lady Gaga??? Well I certainly do (don't tell anyone). AND, Andrew and I have a funny inside-joke love-fest going on whenever we hear the "Rah rah ah ah ah, roma roma ma Ga ga OO la la, want your bad ROMANCE" come on. So, our rating system will be "raw"s. We will give each recipe a number of "raw"s out of 5. So, you can get 1 raw. Or 5 Raw's....raw raw raw raw raw. And please, when you read the 5 "raw"s, you must read them in the tune of "Bad Romance." The pepper's received 4.5 raws. Little monster peppers!

That's it for now! By the way, click here for some awesome health benefits of red peppers from www.wh.com: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=50

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