Monday, February 15, 2010

The Legend of the Deadly Cabbage Boats

Well, as it were, I almost killed my husband with some cabbage boats...


What? Look at these beauties:

Well, there they are. They were very very very tasty. I give them 3.5 raws. RAW RAW RAW RA. I took cabbage leaves soaked in warm water for a couple of hours, topped them with finely chopped almonds, walnuts, and cashews, green, red, yellow peppers, carrots, and some seasonings. The sauce was a sweet/spicy avocado thai dressing and it was VERY good. These actually tasted great. 

....but soon after eating them, Andrew began to feel, well, lets just say "ill." For the next two days, he was expelling all kinds of grossness from his insides, turned GREEN (i've never seen anything like it), and was bed-ridden. He had a fever, aches, chills, etc. etc. etc. EW! He was gross...

...And while I keep telling him it was just a random flu, he swears it was the cabbage. Now, guess what he doesn't want to eat? RAW. ANYTHING RAW. Ugh, what a turd. It was the FLU, not the FOOD! I didn't get it and I ate the exact same thing as him. I think Andrew has realized that it had nothing to do with the food, but the taste of the cabbage boats now are associated with intense vomiting.

Well, we are still eating raw. BUT, as per Andrew's faulty food-related belief system, we are going to start adding a bit more cooked stuff around dinner time. We had a frozen pizza last night. :) This morning, he had a banana and for lunch, I will make something raw.

haha. Coming next: Why I (and scientists) think eating organic is way  more important to start with than eating raw.

EDIT: As it turns out, Andrew really is allergic to cabbage. I got a concerned e-mail from my mother-in-law, who let me in on a lot more than what Andrew has ever told me as far as his battles with cabbage go. Andrew has told me a few times a story of when he ate "too much cabbage" and "got a gas bubble in [his] stomach." According to his story, after going to the hospital, the doctors stretched out his legs and the bubble passed, leaving him fine and ready to go home. I guess time and the fact that he was little when it happened proved to erase the seriousness of the event from his mind. Or perhaps, he never knew. Anyways, I feel very bad for making fun of him, and we will no longer be eating cabbage...and will be going very light on the broccoli and cauliflower. Poor sickly husband. I seem to be striking out a lot with him and the raw diet! :(

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JustineDell said...

Love the edit!!! And, I'm starting to get jealous of your food preparation and picture taking skills. Seriously, it's like straight out of a food catalog pic. ;-)

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