Thursday, December 16, 2010

A December Morning Smoothie

Good day!

So, I woke up ready for a green smoothie for the first time in AGES...well, since I got pregnant. I have been CRAVING it. I went downstairs at 6a.m. and started putting stuff in my blender. I really miss the pineapple/banana smoothie (my FAVORITE), but organic, fresh (and canned!) pineapple is out of this world expensive right now.

Instead, I used:

2 Clementines
2 cups Frozen Bananas
1 Banana
A few Frozen Strawberries
Water + OJ

I didn't put exact measurements of everything because, as with any green smoothie, its all about personal preference. I read a blog today that said always to use 60% fruits and 40% veggies, especially to start. I think I used about half of each in this smoothie. 

I'm not a huge fan of using frozen fruit but I can't afford anything else right now! Since everything is out of season, or so it seems, I am stuck buying frozen stuff. Can someone tell me any in-season Indiana produce?? There are still some amazing apples coming in to the co-op, but otherwise I have a feeling that everything is going to be pretty skimpy from here on out until spring. I'll have to travel to the large co-op across town, where they have a wider selection of fruits/veggies and a bigger frozen section, to supplement what I can't get at the Farmer's Market.

Oh, and this smoothie is FULL of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals, and is FAT FREE, great for gallbladder disease, gallstones, or gallbladder sludge! It's also good for other digestive disorders such as pancreatitis.

The Spinach, among other things, is mildly anti-inflamatory while the clementines each provide about 60% of your daily intake of vitamin C and is a great source of Potassium. The entire smoothie is full of fiber so it can help with weight-loss, digestion. A smoothie like this fights cholesterol and lowers/stabilizes blood pressure. And don't forget, green smoothies are great for hydration since raw fruits and veggies contain a lot of water!


Kristen's Raw said...

Sounds delish :)

Carissa said...

This sounds great and totally something like I drink every day. I love green smoothies. I actually don't like regular smoothies anymore, just my green ones :)

Candice said...

Thanks, Kristen! :)

And yeah, Carissa, me too! I don't ever make a smoothie without the greens thrown in. I'm .. a little bit in love.

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