Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ani's Confetti Salad

This week for lunch I am having Ani Phyo's Confetti Salad (with a cucumber/orange dressing) from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen.

It is delicious, but I HATE cherries, as I've come to discover, and cherries are on this salad. Dried ones. I am eating them today, but they will not be a part of my salads for the rest of the week. Obviously, that is simply a personal preference kinda thing. The dressing is delicious. I am really impressed with this dressing! IT IS SO GOOD...the flavors of the cucumber, the orange, ginger and garlic go together way better than I would have imagined on my own...and it looks yummy, too. I've made some dressings that were brown and icky, but this is a nice light green color--as it should be.

Ani Phyo wins again!

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