Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey all!

I am embarking on a "One new salad per week" extravaganza. I am doing this to keep switching it up and also cut down on grocery bills. The idea is that I only buy the ingredients for one variation of salad and eat that for about one week before switching to a new salad I've never tried before.

This is only lunch, mind you. Breakfast smoothies are still on the menu and often we have a healthy, whole, cooked meal at dinner with a regular side salad or veggie sticks or some other raw side.

Heres where YOU come in handy. Please send me your favorite ever salad recipes!

So far, mine is:

Arugula and Baby Italian Greens
Red Onions
Dried Cranberries
Raspberry Vinegar Dressing


What is yours?

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