Monday, March 8, 2010

Local Folks Foods!

Andrew and I have been going to our incredible local winter farmer's market the past couple weeks. We have met some wonderful and pleasant people there! One of them is Fiedler Farms. We love these natural, grass-feeding farmers! However, I am not going to talk about that today. Today, I want to focus on a "company" called Local Folks Foods. From their website, "This family-run enterprise has a simple mission statement: To develop a diverse food line emphasizing local, fresh, natural ingredients, making a conscious effort to reduce the distance our food travels before consumption." And how! Andrew and I were blessed to meet some of the "folks" behind Local Folks and bought some various items from them. Might I add that one of the best things about Local Folks is that they are incredibly nice and bring their children to the farmer's market! Nothing says awesome like having a family sell a family product (as opposed to corporate machines selling "family" products) and actually seeing their faces! Their website is (and visit!):

The first thing I grabbed was a bottle of habanero hot sauce. I love me some spice and this item was delicious! I am trying to make it last, but I want to put it on everything! lol. 

We also bought from them some hand-made butternut squash/bleu cheese raviolis. No, these are not raw, but we ate them with big salad, so I can talk about them here. Anyway, what's the use of going raw if you're not supporting local farmers?? Its a lifestyle, not a book of laws! Andrew says that these raviolis + the salad + some "garlic bread" we made on sprouted grain breads was one of the best meals he has ever had. So, 5 raws!!!!!! RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW (want your ravioliiiis)!!!! YUMMY!

Here are some pictures of the delicious (and incredibly easy to prepare) dinner:

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