Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raw Banana Split at Quintessence in the East Village


If you're wondering, husband and I have fallen completely off the raw-wagon. Well, maybe not completely, but we definitely ate only one raw thing over our spring "vacation" (read: grad school visit) to New Jersey/New York City. And, while we are going to get right back on the raw horse (ew), today's blog is going to be about the one raw thing we ate on our "vacation" (read: grad school visit).

Can I just say:

RIGHT!?!??! (btw that's my arm digging in...couldn't stop for a photo)

HOLY CRAP!!!! Chia seed pudding, some kind of raw ice cream, strawberries, bananas, and the most delectable raw chocolate sauce.

I'm telling YOU!!! Husband and I almost fell out of our chairs. This aint your Dairy Queen's banana split, but my goodness buy this and eat it! EAT IT I SAY! So yummy. Just thinking about it makes me want to drive 13 hours to NYC to get another!!! Um, can I just say I have started searching Chia Seed pudding recipes!? Ok, so you get it, right? 5 GIGANTIC RAWS! RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW! 

My favorite part of visiting Quintessence was when my husband said, "This is something you could make!" Awww, he believes in me! 

My least favorite part of visiting Quintessence was the price. It is a NYC "gourmet" restaurant, so of course it was EXPENSIVE! Totally worth it, and a great splurge. I mean, the "comedy show" tickets we bought in Times Square for $15 were 100x less worth it than the $8 we spent on this banana split. 

Well, just check this restaurant out next time you're in NYC. Apparently, there are 3 of them around Manhattan (I think), so go find it.


All for now. PS: I ate some fruit for breakfast and some veggies at lunch. Dinner is BBQ chicken. I know. Not raw. We'll get back to it...I promise! I've never felt so good as with an 80% raw diet! :)

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JustineDell said...

Yeah...raw horse...ewh.

But that, seriously looks good ;-)

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