Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not-All Raw Tomato Wrap

Well hello there.

I wanted to share with you this yummy yummy lunch that Andrew and I enjoyed recently. The wrap on my wrap is not raw, but bought from a package of pre-made wraps at the store (and yeah, they were really REALLY tastey). Inside is some red pepper hummus that we bought, also, rather than making raw. I've made some raw hummuses before but honestly, I really prefer the taste of bought hummus!

I couldn't get a great picture of our plates, but you can see what we had.

HUGE wraps made with the bought tomato wrap, red-pepper hummus, red, green, orange peppers, cucumber, spinach, romaine garden lettuce, red onion. 

On the side, we had carrot sticks and fresh fruit.
MMMMM I loooooooove this. Its making me hungry!

So, it might not be all raw, but it definitely has plenty of raw elements. Mostly raw. You do NOT have to be 100% raw to make healthy (and extremely tasty) choices. My favorite part about raw food is that the point is just to add more and more raw into your diet, rather than taking and taking food you love. I love tomato wraps and hummus, so I incorporated those two things into my raw diet and came up with a mostly-raw lunch that knocks my socks off. 

And that keeps me happy.

*Happy Dance!*

And by the way, if you haven't guessed, ALL the food we purchase for our home is organic or naturally produced from local farmers (who don't use pesticides/herbicides but don't bother with organic labeling). That doesn't make us better than conventional eaters (just as eating raw does not make us superior to people who cook. In fact, I love this blog ), it is just something I feel strongly about (see yesterday's post hah).


Carissa said...

This wrap looks beautiful and oh so yummy! I try to eat raw for maybe 50% of my day. I would eat raw all the time, but I can't always afford it here.

Lenny said...

i never saw a tomato wrap before but i bet it tastes good. i love all the pics. they sure make me hungry.

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