Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apple PIE! MM

When was my last post???

I don't know, but it was a LONG time ago! Where did my life go? Well, I'll let you know that another day. I promise I'll tell you what's been going on, but just wait first.

Until then, let me tell you about this raw apple pie I made. I promised this post a LONG time ago, so now it is time for me to deliver!

So this is what it looked like.

As you can probably guess, I used my new Ani Phyo book, Raw Food Essentials, and put together this AMAZING apple pie. I was absolutely astounded by how apple pie-y it tasted and there was not ONE DROP of sugar or other non-raw ingredient. The only non-fruit in this was some cinnamon. WOW. It was SO GOOD. 

I started by making a crust of almond meal (blended almonds in the blender) and mixed it in with a date paste that I made. Ani says to just pulse the dates in I think, but I like to put dates in the blender with a tad bit of water to make more of a soft crust.

This is the date paste and almond meal before I mixed it together.

One problem with this strategy was that I put alllll the date paste in before mixing and ended up with a little too much water and moisture in the crust. That's ok with me, though, because it still tasted good!

Here is what the crust eventually looked like once I molded it into my pie pan.

Next, I diced up some apples into tiny, peel-less chunks and created the apple-pie sauce (get this--with ORANGES, CINNAMON, and DATES). I won't give you all the details because its not my recipe, so if you are interested in making this pie, check out Ani Phyo's RAW FOOD ESSENTIALS! (And no, she doesn't pay me to say that, I just LOVE her do most raw food eating people)

I mixed the sauce and apples together and put the mixture inside the crust. Added a little apple decorations and wha-la! A pie! I put it in the fridge and served it with some ice cream at a Bible study we went to the next day.

People seemed to like it--and I thought it tasted great! YAY!


Lenny said...

hi miss candice! wow i missed you lots and im real glad youre back. im real lucky that your first post since you got back is apple pie!!!! its my most favourite pie specially with ice cream. now you made me really hungry. ha ha. im gonna copy down how you did this and give it to my brother so he could make it.
...big hugs and smiles from lenny

Carissa said...

That looks wonderful! I love apple pie and the fact that is raw makes it just that much better!

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