Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why is Organic Food so Expensive!?

Yeah, why IS organic food so much more expensive than conventional?

Well, Adriana Velez tells us in this helpful post about farming and why the cost is so high in the supermarket.

So, with that being said, yes, eating organic can be expensive. Andrew and I have seen an increase in our food budget. Luckily, Andrew finds it just as important as I do to put more in the food budget and less in other, less important areas in order to feed ourselves the best foods...why? because our bodies are worth it and we have the means. Like I said, we sacrifice in some areas for this but we do it with 100% belief that supporting smaller, organic, clean, local farms is what we should be doing with our money.

Personally, my favorite organic foods are fruits. The taste, colors, and individual uniqueness of every God-given fruit is, well, invigorating! I love how organic fruit tastes compared to conventional. It really is my favorite thing ever. I love grapes, kiwis, eco-friendly organic pineapple, and Andrew and I have had a few cantaloupes this season that have been out of this world!

Finally, now that I've given you my opinions that probably mean little to you, check out this cool video I found about organic foods:

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Carissa said...

I totally agree with you on organic being better. I just have to budget for it. I think that organic fruits and veggies taste so much better too!

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