Friday, June 18, 2010


All right.

I admit. I've been MIA the past week. I know. It's SO SAD! Well, I will explain why probably sometime next week. Not yet--the news is too --private. I'm sure you understand.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about some amazing little presents I recieved in the mail after winning a contest from The Daily Raw Cafe. A beautifully wrapped package and handwritten note from Blackbird Naturals.

Look at the cute wrapped package!

Guess what was inside!


Are you guessing?


A box of 10 raw vegan Cacao Fudge Truffles!!!

Oh my word. I was SO excited to receive these truffles! And believe me, they were incredible! While the package told me to keep them refrigerated, I went ahead and ate one straight away. So, they ARE better refrigerated, but who has that kind of self control? Certainly not me. 

So anyway, we were so delighted with these. Andrew loved it. I loved it. The package was gone within days. Seriously. We meant to spread them out over time but ... I mean ... they're irresistible. 

BIG thanks to the Daily Raw Cafe for the anniversary giveaway contest that won me these truffles as well as a huge thanks to Blackbird Naturals for the sweet gift.



JustineDell said...

There "were" incredible? Does that mean you already ate them all? LoL

Candice said...

Um. yes.

Lenny said...

wow miss candice those sure look pretty good. id ask for a little taste but you guys ate them all up. :(
ha ha....hugs from lenny

Carissa said...

Oh, the wrapping is so cute, and those look so good!

evergreen said...

Congratulations for winning such a yummy prize!

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