Thursday, June 3, 2010

5k-my new goal!

Well, I received a magazine in the mail a week or so ago and just happened to be flipping through it when I found 3 training schedules. One for a 5k in 6 weeks, a 10k in 12 weeks, and a half marathon in 18 weeks! So, I e-mailed Andrew and went searching the internet for a local 5k that will take place 6 weeks from now. I found one! Awesome.

This is a picture from the first and only 5k I've done. I couldn't run the whole way.

We are going to try to train up and get ready for this awesome run. It benefits our local YMCA (Andrew used to work there and so did my sister-in-law and her husband!) and this shoe drive called Soles for Souls. We're super excited. My only goal for this first 5k is to be able to run the entire thing in less than 30 minutes. Cross your fingers!

I wasn't sure what types of food raw people need to eat so I looked up some articles and came across this one which looks really helpful.

It says to eat almonds for vitamin E, oranges for vitamin C, black beans, salad greens, bell peppers, bok choy, and onions for antioxidants, and berries. There were a lot of non-raw options like chicken and eggs, but what they said for raw foods it seems like I get plenty of them! Yay! That makes me feel good!

Another article says berries, bananas, and broccoli are excellent for runners!

Basically, it looks like Andrew and I eat good running foods all day long. I'm surprised I can't run farther than I currently can! Well, don't worry folks, we will be running 3.1 miles on July 10th here in our hometown. We are looking at other nearby cities to see if maybe we could enter a few 5ks! That would be fun.

I'll let you know about our progress! Today is our first day of training (and its going to be HOT and HUMID outside! eep!)

Enjoy your day!

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