Thursday, June 3, 2010

My New Favorite Raw Blog!

I am SO excited I found this blog and I am SO excited to share it with everyone I know!


drum roll please

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. I know I say that about a lot of stuff, but seriously.. this blog is the bomb. Angela, the owner of the blog, makes delicious recipes and has one of the most beautifully creative minds I've ever seen! She even has the most beautiful pantry I've ever seen! I mean, come on, when you can say THAT about someone, you better believe their blog is going to rock. Who even thinks about what someone's pantry looks like? That's right..someone who has seen an inspiring pantry, that's who!

And...she's funny. Who doesn't like a funny blog?

And...she takes incredible food pictures of her food! Check out this pic from her blog:

Yep...there's that pantry again. But look at how pretty it is! Ah! My heart swelled as I checked out her blog. I'm definitely going to be getting some pretty jars to keep my seeds, nuts, and grains in now. Oh yeah, you better believe it!

Anyway, go to her blog because she has an awesome contest going on right now. And no, that isn't why I posted this post. I really do actually love this blog.

I'll close this post with another picture from The Happy Raw Kitchen. Cheers!

and another? :D


Pam said...

Nice blog you have....I love Angela's cool! Have a great day!

Candice said...

Thanks, Pam! :) You have a wonderful day yourself!

evergreen said...

Awww...thanks so much, Candice! Hope I can live up to the!

You have a great blog here, and I look forward to following your raw food adventures:)

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