Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crunchy Salad with Almost Raw Peanut Sauce

So, salads are, in my opinion, the easiest and quickest raw dinners to make....and Andrew and I eat about 9-12 different salads each week. We almost always eat a big salad with a side of fruit and/or veggies for lunch. That might sound really boring to some people, but what I've discovered is that salads can actually be fun and fresh each day due to the random assortments of veggies available and the amazing amount of combinations of salads/veggies/dressings you can make.

This is a salad Andrew and I had a few nights ago for dinner. It's based with fresh romaine and other salad greens from our organic garden -- and SPINACH! From there, I topped it with red onions, red peppers, red cabbage, sun dried tomatoes, and some sesame seeds. This salad was so so so tummy and was full of crunch, which I really love in a salad.

The salad dressing is probably the most fun part about salads because there is just no end to the tastes you can create (good AND bad).

This is my ALMOST raw peanut sauce. The reason it is almost raw is because I used whole peanuts (unshelled, of course) for the sauce which aren't technically considered raw. It is made with lemon juice, red pepper flakes, honey, ginger, garlic, and water. I used this recipe for the basic idea.



evergreen said...

Your salad is so beautiful and colorful. Thanks for the link for the sauce, it looks delish:)

Jen said...

O-H-M-Y-G-O-S-H I DIE! This looks super delicious! This is on my list for yummy foods to make!

Lenny said...

hi miss candice. you helped us know a lot about salads. cause my brothers work and go to school doing salads is easy for us kids being home by our self and we make it fun cause we make decorations out of the veggies. ...hugs from lenny

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