Saturday, June 4, 2011

Missing Raw Foods

I miss my blog and I miss eating mass quantities of raw foods.

Lately, I've been eating green smoothies almost every morning and raw salads for lunch. I have greatly reduced the amount of SAD foods I eat now that Ruthi has been born. That sounds awful. I should have been eating better while pregnant--for Ruthi and for me! I gained 45 lbs during pregnancy due to being primarily sedentary (especially after I stopped serving at a local restaurant at 7 months pregnant) and giving in to every single craving-- and I am ready to get back in shape.

Today, I am committing to this:

* 75-80% raw
* Exercise aerobically at 3-5 hours per week with at least two days of strength training (all major muscle groups)
* Yoga. Throughout the week when I can take the time to relax and have everything quiet.

And, as part of my desire to have holistic health and wellness:

* Bible time every day--I need to get back into the Word!
* Novel reading with the husband (right now we plan this once a week)
* Playing with my dog instead of just being annoyed with him...because he's awesome and I love him.
* Studying for my Literature in English GRE subject test so I can go to grad school!

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Candice said...

Regardless of less than perfect eating, you ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby. As she grows, I'm sure she'll fall in love with raw foods, too. Your health and wellness list looks great!

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