Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lemon Coconut Bars!

So, I made Ani Phyo's Lemon Coconut Bars with cocoa sauce from her book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. I took them to our church Small Group last week and most of them were gone by the end of the study!!! They were SO GOOD, in my opinion, and deserve 5 RAWS! RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW! (Roma roma ma ga ga oo la la...want your lemon coconut barrrrs)...

While I can't tell you the recipe (go look it up in the book), I did alter some things and I will tell you about that. I doubled the recipe, added some water to the bar mixture which helped it stick together, soaked half of my almonds (the ones IN the bars, not the "flour"), and added about two tablespoons of agave to the carob sauce (and I also used cocoa instead of carob). Finally, I sprinkled some extra coconut on top to make it prettier.

The pictures are of the lemon/coconut bars in travel containers since I was making them for the Bible study. Enjoy!

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JustineDell said...

I don't like coconut, but man! That does look good ;-)


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