Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raw for 30, Fitness Update, New Blog

So, last night Andrew and I watched "Raw for 30 Days," an independent film that documents 6 people with Diabetes as they go to Gabriel Cousens' Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Raw Food Camp, basically) in Arizona. It was AWESOME! We watched it during dinner (not a raw dinner, but a healthy vegan one) and were just SHOCKED at the amazing results, the emotions, and everything else. The movie rocks! Seriously, check it out at your local library or buy it. It was GREAT!

I cried a few times out of joy and sadness and shock and everything else!

Here's a trailor for the movie:

In other news...we are starting a new blog. It's called Training Titus, and we will be documenting (hopefully with a lot of videos) the training process of our little family doggy, the CATTLE DOG, named TITUS! Here is a link to the new blog. Check it out! 

FITNESS UPDATE: I have lost 1 inch, 6lbs. Next month, June, is called "Just Live June" where I am going to work MUCH harder to attain my fitness goals. YAY! So excited to get going with this. WOOT!

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Candice Davis said...

Congratulations on your fitness achievements! Sounds like you've made real progress. I love to see the healthy way folks are reaching their goals.

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