Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Update-30 day challenge


So, I must admit, I don't really feel much like I've been on a raw/living food challenge. As of today, our raw intake has fallen to about 75%. I mean, I still think that's pretty good! Because:

1. I feel great
2. I stopped using face-wash to wash my face, and my acne hasn't been an issue
3. I crave green smoothies and healthy stuff pretty regularly
4. I don't feel deprived like I did jumping into 100% raw
5. I have felt freedom to experiment and EAT real food -- you know, like gorging myself on an entire batch of guacamole and not feeling bad about it--because I had a green smoothie for breakfast and a light salad or lettuce wraps for dinner.
6. I have officially lost 8lbs and counting (only 12 left to go!)
7. Andrew and I have almost completely stopped eating at restaurants that don't have local, organic produce and foods.
8. We are eating slower and eating smaller portions.
9. I have incredible power when I jog...power I'm not used to!
10. I don't nap nearly as often.
11. I'm not lethargic.
12. My brain works better.
13. I'm not retaining water like I used to.
14. I have more energy.

I could go on, but I will spare you. Basically, I am most excited about the weight and feeling awake and less lethargic. Its an INCREDIBLE feeling. Speaking of food, though, I am feeling pretty hungry!

At the end of May, I am going to take my measurements (I did it at the beginning of the month) and will let you know if those have budged at all. Surely they will have, since I have lost pounds. We'll see!

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