Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Transition to Veganism


As I sit here reflecting on our transition to raw food, it amazes me how EASY the transition to a (mostly) vegan diet has been. While Andrew will ALWAYS love his free-range farmer's market eggs in the morning, we have really shied away from any and all animal products with incredible ease. In just attempting to be healthier through raw foods, we have found NO NEED to use animal products.

Our substitutions include:

*Almond milk instead of cow/animal milk for baking, smoothies, drinking, cereal, etc.
*Honey/Agave/Maple Syrup and Dates for cakes and sweet treats
*Nut Pates and mixtures for meat replacements (Of course, there are also soy/non-meat replacements)
*Nut Cheeses instead of dairy cheese (There are also soy/non-dairy cheeses available)
*Beans instead of beef for taco-like meals
*Green Smoothies instead of Eggs (There are also vegan egg replacements available...I think its tofu or soy, two things Andrew and I avoid)

So, while I think eating healthy, free range meat, eggs, and/or dairy from farms you trust is important if you are not going to go vegan, I will say that the transition is EASY if you are in need of a healthier, more friendly and sustainable diet.

I can't tell you enough how easy it is. It is AMAZING how easy this has been. I mean, really, vegan recipes, even if you aren't raw, are very easy to find and incredibly tasty.  If you're into more gourmet vegan recipes, check out THIS BLOG for some yummy-looking recipes! My mouth waters when I read this blog!

For some really great information about ethics/arguments for a vegan diet, click here! I really like this particular blog post re: veganism.

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