Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre-Pregnancy and Folic Acid

As many of you know, I am looking forward to one day becoming a MOMMY. Of course, (as far as I know) that won't be for a little bit. Not too long, but long enough to have time to PREPARE my body for a little growing baby.

I've been thinking A LOT lately about Folic Acid, as its one of the most important nutrients my baby/ies will need. Here is a copy and pasted definition of Folic Acid from MedlinePLUS:

So, what do I, as an almost-soon-to-be-pregnant lady NEED to be eating in order to make sure that I am getting plenty of Folic Acid? There are a ton ton ton of veggies and fruits and leafy greens that include folic acid. Check out this nutrient chart that can help you plan better, more folic acidy meals!

For more information, check out WomensHealth.org's cite about folic acid.


Jen said...

Stopped by from Justines blog!!! Great guest blog today!!!

Lenny said...

miss candice. its real neat that youre doing all this good checking out stuff so you can get ready to have a real healthy kid. ...hugs from lenny

Candice said...

Thanks for coming by, Jen! And thanks for the comments about the guest blog! :)

And Lenny, I'm glad you approve. I can't control everything that happens during my pregnancy (if I am able to get pregnant) but I will definitely do whatever I can!

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