Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Salsa Cruda

One of my biggest joys in life is SALSA and CHIPS. I just can't get enough! I honestly sometimes sit and eat entire jars of salsa for lunch (not quite the full nutritional content I could get with some added leafy greens.......). I LOVE salsa. I LOVE LOVE it. So, I have been wanting to make a chunky, raw salsa. And I did!

It was SO GOOD! I give it 5 raws. Andrew gives it 3.5 or 4 raws. He says, "It was delicious but there was room for improvement. It was a good chunky salsa." What a turd. I promise, it was closer to a 5 ;)

Anyway, here's what I did:

6 Roma tomatoes, chopped into tiny sweet little chunks
Chili Powder
Lime Juice

After cutting the tomatoes into chunks, I washed and rinsed them. While they were being rinsed, I cut up everything else. I threw it all in the mixing bowl you see, and taste tested for amounts. The cumin and chili powder were equal parts, but everything else was a mix and match fest!

A really really tasty one! A 5 raw recipe!

By the way, I didn't use my food processor for this at all. I read online that salsa cruda gets too mushy in the food processor, so I chopped and hand mixed the ingredients. It was really good and I can definitely see why the mushy would be bad! The chunks were just so good.

MAKE THIS and enjoy! :)


JustineDell said...

Ohhhhh!! That looks really good! I love salsa and chips! I will being trying this one ;-)

But, Candice...chips aren't raw - tisk..tisk.. :-P


Tris said...

Oh this looks soo good candi. I love salsa as well and I will sooo be trying this soon.

<~~loves trying new things :) Great job girlie.

Bridge Marie said...

Hey, saw your guest appearance over on Justine Dell's, great advice over there! And this is a yummy looking recipe!

Lenny said...

chippee! another cool recipe! you know my brother loves making your stuff. i wrote this one down for him cause all of us love salsa and chips. ...hugs from lenny

Candice Davis said...

I looove salsa, of all different types! Mango and peach versions are amazing. One of my happiest health food store discoveries was raw nachos. Sure I could make my own, but what a perfect convenience snack. Your recipe looks simple and delicious!

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