Monday, May 31, 2010

Mexico Bans Junk Food!

In a recent news article, reporter Jo Tuckman reports that the Mexican government will soon be banning junk food and fried foods (like tacos) from public primary and secondary schools! School shops will not be allowed to sell junk food and cafeterias will not be allowed to cook junk food! 

Apparently, over 25% of school-aged children are obese in Mexico, and Mexican president Felipe Calderon, in cahoots with the education minister, have decided that they will only feed their children healthier, low-fat foots to encourage better choices.

The article does mention, however, that food vendors selling candy and sodas are still legally allowed to congregate around school property to sell children the very foods they've been banned from.

My favorite line from the article is this: "The health minister Jose Angel Cordoba said consumption of fruits and vegetables in the last 15 years has fallen by 40% while consumption of sweetened drinks rose by 50%." Its incredible, isn't it? 

So, that's my news tip for today! What do you all think about this!?

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