Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick Mommy + Raw Food

This past week, my mother has been in the hospital due to some pretty severe health issues. In addition to Diabetes, she has fibromayalgia, chronic pancreatitis, and some other very debilitating problems. This week, she has been having some new symptoms (seizures and other things) that hopefully will alert the doctors to the cause of her more mysterious problems. Of course, she hasn't much strayed from the SAD (Standard American Diet) ever.

This weekend, Andrew and I visited her in the hospital for about 4 hours. While we were there, we got on the subject of food (her yummy-smelling yet very much NOT raw quesadilla came while we were there--flaky flour crust with cheese, chicken, and some peppers and tomatoes). We discussed the problems with the SAD, the neuro-toxins that are pesticides, what it is we put into our bodies and how that becomes a part of our bodies in our cells, bones, skin, etc. She didn't seem TOO interested in going raw--she loves SAD food MUCHO. Still, I told her about some lemon-coconut bars I made last week and the chocolate fudge cake I blogged about on my cocoa blog post. That got her attention! I think she would LOVE a raw diet, because she does love veggies, huge salads, and GOOD desserts!!! By the end of the conversation, I think she was considering adding more raw/healthy/clean food into her meals.

The best part of our conversation about food, though, was when Andrew told her that his ...erm, well, any bad side effects.. have only occurred when we deviate from raw food. She was pretty surprised to hear that.

I hope that my readers will pray for my mother's health as she battles whatever it is she battles! And, that she would begin to integrate more raw/living foods into her diet to help take back her health!

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Lenny said...

hi miss candice. im real sorry to know how sick your mom is. im happy you guys go see her and talk about good eating stuff. me and god are pretty good friends and talk every night. i say lots of prayers for people and animals and now im making some special ones for your mom and for you and andrew too. ...hugs from lenny

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