Friday, April 9, 2010


Andrew and I ate a ton of fruits and topped it off with almonds for an incredible light fruit, raw fruit breakfast!

If you can't see the fruit, inside this beautiful bowl are:

Apple chunks

The breakfast was great at getting us jumpstarted for the day. For lunch, Andrew's father prepared some great shish-kabobs and asparagus on the grill, served with a plate of raw veggies and bean salad. One of the best (though not very raw) lunches! 

Anyway, raw breakfast has always been our biggest challenge, but a simple fruit bowl like this works really well. So does a green smoothie, but that's not what THIS post is about! Seriously, I know it can sound a little boring to think "fruit!?" when you could be sitting down to a giant pancake or omelette. HOWEVER, this is a great dish if you wanna go raw. Also, throw in some raw yogurt or something and have a blast!

I've also dehydrated mashed bananas mixed with coconut (cinnamon to taste) for a breakfast. Try it!


JustineDell said...

Yum!!!!! That really does look good. I'm totally jealous of your picture taking abilities too. ;-)


Maggie Vitality said...

What a gorgeous picture. Is it ok to use this image on my site and credit it to you?

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