Sunday, April 11, 2010

Honey Coconut Smoothie

I have a favor to ask of you--no, a demand: TRY THIS SMOOTHIE. Oh my gosh I am just blown away daily by the smoothies I make! Not trying to toot my own horn but let me tell you I AM A GENIOUS with a blender and an employed husband (who hates, by the way, finding left over smoothies lying around the house as I mix and mix and fail and fail at making yummy smoothies). 


2 TBS Raw Honey (warmed, liquified)
2 cups coconut water
about 2 tablespoons coconut meat
2 dates
1 apple
Some red leaf romaine
some baby greens

So, what I did, was first I put the coconut water in the blender with the coconut meat to make a light coconut milk. Then, I added the dates until they were smooth. Next, I blended in the apple. Then the greens. Then the honey. It was green, just like my others, so I didn't take a picture of it... but you could imagine what it would look like...

Photo taken from In the Raw

For those of who who have a hard time with coconuts. Let me tell you, today was my first time. I started by attempting to saw off the woody stuff around the outside. I thought I was getting somewhere until I hit the hard crust part. I thought, "WTF!" because I was already a little sweaty from all the cutting. And cutting. And cutting. Then, maybe 20 minutes later, my lovely husband, being that he spent MONTHS in INDONESIA (one of the largest suppliers of coconuts) said "Love," (isn't he sweet?) "Get a knife and stick it in the top. Then, use something heavy and hammer it in." Ok...........

So I grabbed a knife. And a pot.

"Love," (again, so sweet) "You're going to grab, out of everything in the kitchen, one of our nicest pots!?"
"...*blink blink*... well, you said something heavy."
"Yes,, use this.." 

He handed me our incredible cast iron tea pot, a very expensive and one-of-a-kind wedding gift. Well, I used it, despite my better judgement. Somewhere in the back of my mind was my lovely sister, saying, "Candice, this thing is so great it can't break." So, I guess it will double as a coconut opener?

At that, determined, I began hammering. And hammering. And hammering. And FINALLY, coconut water dripped out. More hammering. And hammering. I was sweaty-my face was red, I was pounding, trying to get that darned thing pried open because I had NOTHING else to eat for breakfast besides some oat flour... Eventually, I broke open a chunk (thanks to all the sawing I was doing earlier!).....I put the water in and was able to scoop out a tiny amount of the meat. The thing went in the fridge for a later time. I was NOT going to spend another minute on that dumb coconut. Well, as you may know by now, the smoothie turned out GREAT. MM MM MM MM MM!!!! 

I will let you know what happens with the coconut.....its fate is in my hands....

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