Monday, April 26, 2010

Fitness Challenge FAILURE

So, this week started out GREAT in terms of my Fitness Challenge. I ran, I ate about 99% raw, I felt great, I felt inspired and awesome.

Pictures taken from Justine Dell's blog on FAILURE

And then...I failed. That's it. I just .. failed. I'm not REALLY sure how. Tuesday night I ate a giant bowl of ice cream at my Bible study, Wednesday I think we might have had pizza, etc. What happened!? We ran out of good produce, for one. I didn't plan THAT very well. Also, it was my husband's birthday. As such, this weekend, we had about 4 meals out from other people. That means my willpower fails and I get what tastes best rather than what is best for me!!! I did work out a couple times, but overall I failed at that, too!

What is up with all this failure!?

I think the answer is simply planning. I didn't plan.

Point number one: When I hear "restaurant" I get excited to eat something that tastes good (read: is full of fat and horrible chemicals) rather than planning or getting excited thinking about the salad or "light" portion of the menu. Instead of eating before we left, I was STARVING by the time we got to the restaurants, leaving me little willpower to resist the richest, biggest portioned, cooked food.

Point number two: When it rains, I do NOT want to run. When I am spending the day preparing for my husband's birthday by baking him the brownies he picked out, I do not want to run. When my dog is being HORRIBLE on the leash, I take him back inside rather than walking with him that extra mile. When I think "Oh, I will run later!" I am making excuses to not run NOW (and then it never happens).

Another reason I think I failed is simply LAZINESS...and a lack of discipline. It is way easier to NOT eat well or to NOT work out when I have easier options! No excuses!!! I also did not give my health to God this week. I left it up to myself and without God guiding me (not that God cares what size jeans I wear--but generally speaking), I cannot do ANYTHING.

You might be able to tell, but I am pretty bummed about my performance this week! That being said, it is time to also tell you that failure does not mean GIVING UP! Oh no. I am back on the horse today! I made some raw coleslaw and guacamole (blogs coming later this week!), stocked my fridge with some great looking veggies/fruits, picked up another raw cookbook from the library, and am ready to go. There is a break in the rain this afternoon so I am going to make myself a nice breakfast smoothie, do a little work, and then head out to the pavement for a run. I'm hoping to break a personal running mark today, but I need that first umph to do it (from the GREEN SMOOTHIE).

So, as of this morning, I am weighing in at 137, one pound MORE than last Monday! :( However, with all the crap I ate this week, I am surprised it isn't more than that!

I'll update again on Monday and perhaps throughout the week as per my meals/creations/recipes/thoughts. Have a wonderful Monday!!!


JustineDell said...

Oh, poor Candice. You know, sometimes it is good to splurge. You can't be too terribly hard on yourself.

But I agree...planning it an important part of success. And now that you learned that lesson, I'm sure you're going to kick Andrew's butt! ;-)


Candice Davis said...

Aw! Hang in there, kid! We ALL have those days. I can remember setting off to lose weight for my cousin's wedding, and ending up unable to squeeze into my dress! From that perspective 1 pound aint so bad. Glad you're not giving up.

Green smoothies are awesome--green juice, too!

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