Thursday, April 8, 2010

MUST SHARE: Green Smoothie

So, I just made a green smoothie for lunch and it is so delicious I thought I had to share! Here's the mixture:

1 handful of whole grape tomatoes.
3 or so leaves of red leaf lettuce
1 cup Organic, fresh Mixed Berry fruit juice
1 very ripe banana.

First, I blended to tomatoes since I knew they hard a harder peel. Once those were liquified, I threw in the lettuce and some juice. Blend. As that was going, I threw in chunks of banana at the top. Let it run for a sec til it was nice and smooth and WHA-LA, GREEN SMOOTHIE OF ALL GREEN SMOOTHIES! The best part about this green smoothie is that I HATE tomatoes, most of the time. Usually, I really have to dress them up to enjoy them but I guess adding them to a smoothie is a great way to mask the flavor and still get all that lycopene they have! Also, I hear they are great for Andrew's prostate.

Try it!


JustineDell said...

Yay for Andrews prostate! LoL. Did you ever notice how much stuff you make that's "green". Can you put some food coloring in there or something? ;-)


Candice said...

All right, Justine...just for you, I'm on a quest to make a HOT PINK green smoothie. >:D

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