Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok, everyone--ITS THAT TIME! LADY'S TIME! This whole week is going to be dedicated to women. Of course my posts will be tailored to raw women, but all the information included in my Ladies' Week posts is good information for ALL women.

Here's a preview of what the week looks like:

Monday: Best Vitamins for Women (And where to find them). This day's post is based off of an article by Elizabeth Somer, entitled "Best Vitamins for Women." I am original, huh?

Tuesday: Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy. You will be BLOWN AWAY by some of the information presented here (especially if you've never considered this topic before).

Wednesday: African American Child-Women: Nutrition Theory Revisited. This post is related to an article I found that revisits past research on Af-Am nutrition. The study discussed in this article was conducted by Medha Talpade and was ppublished in a journal called Adolescence. This should be an interesting post.

Thursday: Cocoa Reduces Inflammation Associated with Heart Disease. (MMM CHOCOLATE)! Who needs another excuse to eat tons of cocoa? I do, and I'm sure other women do, so come check out this post!

Friday: Raw Women, Raw Strength. This post is the one I'm looking forward to most! Do you know of a really strong raw woman? Send her info my way and perhaps she'll show up on this blog post!

Well, if you can't tell, I'm REALLY excited about LADIES' WEEK! YIPPEEEE! Come back every day to check it out! Until then...its green smoothie time!

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