Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bubbles Spice Smoothie

So, why is this smoothie called the "Bubbles Spice" smoothie!? Well, I have a rabbit named BUBBLES,  of course!

...ok, so why would someone name a smoothie after their pet rabbit!?

Well, its full of carrots (can you tell by the picture??). AND, it is adapted from the "Bunny Spice" drink in Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis's "Raw Food, Real World" cookbook!

Here's what I did:

Grated some ginger root into the bottom of my blender. Filled it with chunks from two carrots (not peeled, just washed with ends cut off), a cup of almond milk and blend. Once that is fairly smooth, I threw in one GIGANTIC organic banana and one half of a GIGANTIC organic banana (so probably two regular sized ones) and dumped in some cinnamon. Blend.

It tastes AWESOME! 4 raws!

My favorite part about this smoothie?? It's ORANGE. Which means (@Justine Dell) that it is the first GREEN SMOOTHIE I have made that is a beautiful color that has nothing to do with green. Hoorah! My quest for a non-green green smoothie is now complete!

Let's hope this smoothie fixes my eyes, though! The beta-carotene (healthy Vit A) in this smoothie is THROUGH THE ROOF! MM MM! Carrots have a great amount of Carotenes (no pun intended...or maybe intended), which promote better heart health and fight against cancer. Some studies show that eating Carrots and other orange squashes can reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 60%! They also, of course, help fight bad eyesight! WOW! (These findings, of course, from Healing Foods my Michael Murray). I can feel myself getting healthier with each sip I drink!

Bubbles and me lovin' each other...staring contest, anyone?

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JustineDell said...

Ha - did Bubbles win the contest? Thank goodness it's called Bubbles because of the carrots. I was concerned that you thought Bubbles was some raw form of something. LoL.


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