Friday, April 16, 2010

Raw Women, Raw Strength

So, here I am going to link you to some of my favorite women--Mostly raw women who are healthy, inspiring, awesome, and creative. Some of these women you may know, some you may not...but...what you SHOULD know is that each one of these blogs will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and all that other woman-y stuff.

Candice Davis: Not only do we share a name, but Candice's blog is interesting and inspiring. I love how her blog incorporates her family into it! Candice is a raw, strong, awesome woman! Check out her blog!

Kristen Suzanne: Kirsten is a vegan, raw chef. Her blog is super awesome and full of really great information. Her strength shines!

TheFitnessFreak: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!! This one linked is FitnessFreak's raw recipe blog. She also has one called The Fitness Freak that is really awesome, also. Check out her stuff--its really really great and inspiring. I just discovered this blog and am SO glad I did!

Justine Dell: Justine is not raw, but she is an awesome romance/modern fiction writer who is trying to get published. Her blog is really real, really fun, and just overall really awesome. I'll probably make her eat something raw soon, so she is allowed to be on this post! :)

Earth Mother of InTheRaw: This blog is full of all kinds of really great resources and fun. She also has Friday Food Porn, which is my favorite thing in the world--showcasing the absolute beauty of food!

April at RawFoodPassion: April has just recently gone raw and is documenting her awesome journey. I love April's blog--all her posts are fun and her strength at staying raw during her challenge is so helpful in keeping raw even when pizza coupons come in the mail!

Well, that is all for now. If I think of some other really awesome raw/women, I will update this as I go! Check these ladies out! :)


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JustineDell said...

Ah-Ha! So that's why you tried so hard to get me to try that colesaw. *eyes your suspiciously* Shame on you!

Bring me the cake, I totally try it *Big smile*


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