Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Ready: Get Set: GET RAW!

All right,

So those of you who read my blog or talk to me might know that I am doing a 4 week fitness challenge that I made up myself. Well, that is still in progress and despite a few bad snacks and last night's dinner, I am doing EXTREMELY well. I have been pushing myself running and eating mostly raw.

Well, its time to take it up a notch. Tonight at midnight, the husband and I are throwing ourselves into a 30 day 100% raw challenge! We are joining The Uncooked Kitchen for this challenge. I am super excited. It is going to be so great having Andrew along for the ride, also, as sometimes its difficult for me to cook multiple meals for multiple diets! Plus, he will keep me in line when I have cravings or other things like that! We are almost out of food so tonight I am going to get a grocery list going and head out to the grocery to stock up.

Is anyone else joining this 30 day raw food challenge?! Let us know!

Wish us luck! I will let you know how it goes as it goes. :)


Lenny said...

hi. i want to tell you my brother made the cole slaw and every one liked it lots. i gave him this page adress and he's gonna get more things to make from it. i want to try one of those cool lookin smoothers. thanks for a real good cole slaw. hugs from lenny

Candice said...

Hey Lenny! That is awesome-- I'm glad everyone liked the coleslaw! I'm about to post an INCREDIBLE (and healthy!) recipe for a raw Chocolate/Banana shake. Andrew (my husband) and I have had them twice in the past day because they are SO good! :)

Thanks for brightening my day :)

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