Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raw Guacamole- YUM

I promised a post on my recent adventure creating guacamole and here it is! I made this:

The first thing I did was cut into a very dark avocado. Let me just say that this avocado was probably the most beautiful vegetable I have EVER seen. It was the most incredible green color (can't you tell by the photo?) and the brown seed thing inside complimented it so well. It almost took my breath away. Is that cheesy or weird? I might be in love with the aesthetics of the avocado! Even the word rolls off my tongue. MM avocado, how I desire you! ...I think I am probably going to decorate my next kitchen based off the colors of the avocado... Ok... sorry. Back to the recipe.

So-After cutting it, I scooped out the stuff I wanted with a big spoon. Mashed it with a fork. Then, I cut up some onion and grape tomatoes (on second thought, would probably try a vine tomato or something similar--and a red onion rather than a sweet onion. I couldn't find organic red onions at the market this week so I had to get yellow. *sad face*). I mixed those all together with a dash of lime juice and some salt and pepper. 

The guac tastes GREAT and is wonderful on raw wraps and salads and chips and anything else you can think of. With salsa, it makes great appetizer! I had this for lunch today. MMM!!!!

Me dipping into the guac with non-raw chips! Look at that color! MMM

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JustineDell said...

Glad you have nice pretty painted fingernail for the photo. ;-) I don't believe I will be trying this...I don't do guac.


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