Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raw Coleslaw-with a twist

Hello! I wanted to share with you my newest creation--raw coleslaw. Now, I've never been a huge coleslaw fan but this recipe is just destroying me with coleslaw cravings! It is such a great feeling to crave a totally raw dish rather than a cheeseburger! I've noticed raw food cravings more and more as I try to add more raw foods into my diet.

Anyway, I made this first experimentally and on the fly for some friends one night who came over for dinner. I had been so overwhelmed with coming up with a raw dessert that I completely neglected a side dish! So, I sent Andrew to the store and this is what I made:

Raw Coleslaw:

1 head cabbage
1 head bok choy
1 grated carrot
a small piece of grated ginger root
about 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil
about 2 or 3 tablespoons of nama shoyu
sprinkles of salt and pepper

For this, I like to put the cabbage in my processor until it is all cut up into small pieces. Then, I put that in a bowl. I put in the bok choy and allow that to be a bit larger. Grate a carrot and ginger on top, put in the toppings, and mix together. 

Ta Da! There you have it. A raw coleslaw that is SO GOOD. I have seen a variation of this which added Asian Pear and Lemon juice, but this is what I did and I LOVE it. I made it for a pitch-in yesterday and am taking another batch to another dinner tomorrow. It really is just that good! :) :)

NUTRITIONAL ELEMENTS: What is also cool about raw coleslaw is that it is FULL of some really awesome vitamins and minerals. Bok Choy is full of glucosinolates, which can help prevent certain cancers. It is also full of carotenes, vitamin C, and CALCIUM (good recipe for pregnant women who need calcium in their vegan diets). The cabbage also has TONS phytochemicals (glucosinolates) (PHYTO=FIGHT-) for fighting cancer! Actually, cabbage family veggies have more than any other veggies out there! Also, cabbage is good for treating peptic ulcers!


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Lenny said...

i think i could like this! looks pretty yummy. one of my brothers is a veggie guy and he mostly does the cooking at our house. he cooks stuff for the ones who don't eat much veggies too. im gonna give him this recipe & ask him if maybe he could try it. hugs from lenny

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